Implementing Conditional Form Navigation Based on Radio Button Responses

How can I implement such functionality that, after answering one question, depending on the response selected in a radio button, in the case of option B), the form will skip directly to the end?

For example, if I ask “Do you eat Snickers?” and there are two options available:
A) Yes - it should proceed to the next questions in the form.
B) No - it should immediately jump to the end of the form.


One approach would be to put the questions in your form after the radio button field “Do you eat Snickers?” in a Section, then apply conditional logic to HIDE the section when No is selected. That will prevent them from filling out those fields in the form and essentially skip to the end of the form and continue with their sad, Snickerless life. They will still be able to submit the form at that point with just the information gathered before the radio button question.

Anyone who selected Yes will be able to see the fields after the section break due to the conditional logic rule you set to show the section when they say Yes to enjoying the world’s greatest candy bar.

Here is information about Section conditional logic:

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you.

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