Conditional logic not working as intended [RESOLVED]

I have a form setup to capture customer information.
It includes a question at the start (radio buttons, but have also tried recreating the question as a drop down), each answer is setup with conditional logic to trigger additional questions based on the response.
2/3 responses work fine, however, the third option when selected is not triggering the questions to appear. I have triple checked that conditional logic is setup correctly, and even tried recreating the questions. It still won’t work.
Cache has been cleared. The form Was working correctly up until a few weeks ago.

The form can be viewed here:
The issue applies to the delivery and collection options question.
Is this issue able to be resolved?

I see your form has different sections. Do you have conditional logic for the sections?

If so, note that conditional logic applied to a section applies to any field under that section too until a new section, a page break or the end of the form is found. So if you have conditional logic on the section fields you need to check how that will affect to the fields under them.

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Thank you. Reordering the questions seems to have done the trick for now :slight_smile: