Images showing on Preview but not on Main Page

Hi All

I have some images inputted into the form that show correctly on the preview page but when I view the weblink for the page they do not load (They do leave space for them though)

This is the script inputted >


College Parents and Friends Association is running a Colour event to raise funds for our school. This year we will be raising funds to update our School Canteen.

Students are invited to be a part of the fun of fundraising and the excitement of one of Australia's most loved events... A Colour Fun Run

WHEN: Friday the 3rd of December 2021

WHERE: College
Ensure you register your child between 14.10.2021 and 08.11.2021
Late registrations may not be accepted.

Parents are welcomed to attend and watch their student participate in the Colour under the direction of the school.

This is the main web page the form is on>

If anyone could help please.

Thank you

Can you disable lazy loading? I took a quick look at your webpage and I can see all of your images are tagged with img.lazy

If you are using any lazy loading plugins try disabling them and see if that resolves the issue.

Lazy loading is great but sometimes optimizations such as this can cause front-end issues.

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