Images Not Loading

Hello All!

I’m trying to add images to my form but they just come up as broken links on my page.

Here is what im adding to the html block:

<img src=“" />

Is there something i’m doing wrong? It may be a addon or theme conflict. I do have no conflict mode set to off.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Andrew. In the code you posted here there is an extra space after the file extension, inside the quotes. That will look like a different url to the server when it tries to serve the image. Be sure there is no space before that closing quote in actual usage. The image loads when I grab just the url so this should work fine for you.

Hi Andrew,

It appears the quotation marks " around the URL aren’t correct. It could be because you copied and pasted it. Can you delete the quotation mark and type it again and see if it works.