Image insertion in notifications

Hi teams,

Experiencing inability to add images from media gallery into notifications email.

If I do an upload of a new image I can insert it but not pull one that is already in the gallery.

Any suggestions. I have this on two sites, one Genesis and one Divi framework based. Problem on both. The sites have worked fine until recent updates to new Gravity forms. I have also done everything I can find to change file permissions etc.

What happens when you include the link to the image in your notification? Can you share a screenshot of how you have configured the notification content area? Or, if you need more assistance, have you already contacted support?

Chris when I open the media gallery I can tick an image but the insert into post button never goes live so I can’t paste it in.

Try disabling No Conflict mode on the Forms > Settings page and see if it works. This is most often a conflict with some other software. If it still does not work, try performing a conflict test using one of these methods: