Form Submission Notification with Image

So I am working on building an inspection sheet for equipment at my company. I can easily get everything working with uploading images, but I would like the image to be embedded into the notification that comes through my email. Attached is an example of what I am trying to do.
I have it setup now for image upload and attach image to the email.

John, you can setup your own custom notification format using HTML tags and the fields merge tags. This documentation page points you in the right direction: Creating Customized Form Notification Emails - Gravity Forms

Will that add the image they uploaded when they were filling out the form? I tried adding the merge tag for the field of the file image upload to my notification and when I did a test it added the link to my notification so all I saw was the URL

That’s the expected for a single file upload field merge tag, as pointed you need to add your own HTML tags to format the content.

For example, if your field merge tag is {Upload:1} you need to use this as value for the src attribute of the HTML tag used for images:

<img src="{Upload:1}">

So I tried adding that code you sent to the notification with my upload and it did not work. Here are screen shots of my notification settings and how it comes through my email.!Screenshot 2021-10-22 065417

There are two things here:

  1. Looks like you added the HTML to the Visual tab, therefore it’s not parsed but shown as text. When you add your own HTML to a notification you need to use the Text tab as pointed on the documentation.

  2. You’re not using a single upload field, your field is a multi-upload field, therefore the output of the merge tag is not a single URL and you can’t use the approach explained previously.

You can either use several single upload fields instead (or multi-upload fields with Maximum Number of Files set to 1), or use the gform_merge_tag filter to run your own custom PHP code to customize the output of a multi-upload field merge tag or hire someone to do it for you.

If you don’t want to mess around with code and merge tags, Image Hopper will display uploaded images in Notification emails right out of the box.

Hey John, assuming you’re using a Multi File Upload field, we have a free plugin that will handle automatically displaying your images wherever they’re output.

Once you have your images displaying, you may want to upgrade your file upload experience for your inspectors as well. File Upload Pro integrates directly with Gravity Forms existing File Upload field so you can give it a try without getting locked in with a custom field type.

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Yes, thank you. I got it working with that plugin you mentioned. Working out great.