Images in Notification Emails?

Hi, All -

I just wondered if it would be possible to show a thumbnail of any images that have been uploaded in the notification email. Currently, this would make my life a lot simpler! :slight_smile:


Hi Perchpole,

Did you mean that you want the image you uploaded on the notification message box to be displayed as a thumbnail? If so, you can select the desired size when uploading an image.

If you prefer to have the form submitter’s image added as a preview on the email notification, you can follow the screen recording below.

The code I’ve used to wrap the image merge tag: :point_down:t4:

<img src="{Photo Upload:17}" />

Final output: Image in the admin email notification. :point_down:t4:

Give it a try, and let me know how that goes! :smile:

Hi, Faisal -

Thanks for your help with this. the only thing I cannot get to work is the image size in the merge tag:

<img src="{Photo Upload:17:thumbnail}" />

This should work - but it doesn’t.

Hi Perchpole,

Let me check. In the meantime, you can set the static height or width like the following code. (updated)

<img src="{Photo Upload:17}" width="300" height="300" />

Hi, Faisal -

<img src="{Photo Upload:17:thumbnail}" />

My code should work. Look here:

:size can be used as a modifier.


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