HTML receipt emails are received without the images being rendered

No idea why it started to occur, but I’m also having customers request a receipt after purchase as they aren’t receiving it. I think the sending portion is fixed having updated to the Post SMTP WP plugin and ensuring my SPF record is correct. Unfortunately, I’m only getting formatted text in the recieved email and not any of the images to load. I’ve taken a MailChimp template I made and pasted the HTML into the text field of a GF notification. I’ve tried both the straight html and the inline CSS produced via their tool: . The GF preview doesn’t pull down my MailChimp hosted images and neither seemingly do any sent emails. The urls to my images are public links and accessible in any browser, so I’m not sure what the deal is. Any thoughts on what to check to ensure the images load properly would be helpful. Thanks!

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue. We will need a form export in order to test your notification. Here is how you can export a form:

Host that somewhere like Dropbox or Google Drive and include the link to that form export in the ticket you open:

Thank you.