Icegram Integration

I understand Icegram and GF integrate nicley. How do I get it playing together, documentation seems very sparse.

I would recommend asking Icegram about this. I think what you are probably looking at is embedding Gravity Forms into Icegram and in that case this is more of an Icegram question than a Gravity Forms question. It might just be a matter of creating a Gravity Form and then using shortcode for the form to insert the form into Icegram.

Yes that is correct. I’mm wanting to have user info moved into email groups in Icegram.
Thx for the response

You are correct about the documents, sparse is a good word, you have to use workflows to connect GF to Ice. There are few triggers for GF included in Ice at this time. What I did was collect and sort names and emails into lists, any number of mailing lists is fine. When creating an email in Ice the tags, example “Hi {{}}” do not work, they are blank in the delivered email resulting in “Hi” Any graphics in the email must be connected with a URL or they come up with the broken image box showing where the image should be. Best suggestion is to experiment with the actions and use the Confirmations and Notification along with Ice to achieve your goals. Hope this helps

Icegram directed me to just used Workflows, quite limited in capability with GF

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