Hubspot Submissions are being merged [RESOLVED]

Is there anyway to disable cookies so that a user can submit more than one form to hubspot to create a new lead for every form submitted rather than them all being merged and updated into one hubspot contact? This is a vital part of submitting data to hubspot and our website uses a single form to submit customer data. We require a new lead for every submission. Even restarting the browser doesn’t clear the cache or cookie. Thanks if you have any help or info.

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue so we can properly address it:

I am experiencing the same problem. What is the workaround here? Thanks!

Hi Klaus. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

I’ll save you the time, @ATEC. If you add this code to your themes functions.php it will turn off cookie tracking… I got this fix directly from Gravity Forms support several months ago and it is still working.


add_filter( 'gform_hubspot_output_tracking_script', 'turn_tracking_off', 10, 1 );
function turn_tracking_off( $add_tracking ){
    return false;

add_filter( 'gform_hubspot_submission_data', 'remove_cookie_value', 10, 4 );
function remove_cookie_value( $submission_data, $feed, $entry, $form ){
	unset ( $submission_data['context']['hutk'] );
	return $submission_data;
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This was helpful and ultimately worked for us. Just a quick tip for a problem we ran into…

You also need to turn off the “Non-Hubspot Forms” listening in Hubspot. Otherwise, the site will pick up on the form submission separately from the Gravity → Hubspot integration - and the cookie will be passed to Hubspot that way.

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Good information. Thank you Adam.

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