Hubspot Add-on Feed Setup: Conditional Contact Owner Deleted when Updating Settings [RESOLVED]

After setting up a new Contact Owner for the Feed in the Gravity Forms Hubspot add-on, the new Contact Owner and its corresponding condition is deleted upon clicking the Update Settings button, resetting back to the default Contact Owner with no condition. Before and after click images below.

Anyone else seen this and know what else has to happen to preserve the setting? Maybe something in the Gravity Forms form itself or on the Hubspot side?

Something similar was happening in


Be sure you are using the latest HubSpot Add-On from Gravity Forms, currently v1.5.2 from your downloads page:

Thanks, Chris.

Always good to check. The name of the file that was used for the installation yesterday was gravityformshubspot_1.5.2.

The Wordpress plugin manager just reports 1.5, not 1.5.x. System report does not list second decimal place either. So, I can’t be 100% sure, but looks like it’s up to date, at least Wordpress thinks so.

Have been waiting for a reply from GF support, but thought maybe this was something experienced GF-Hubspot users had seen before.

Can you share a screenshot of the plugins page showing the HubSpot version number you have installed. The 1.5.2 should show completely.

Hi Chris,

I’ve included the plugins list, GF environment, and file explorer listing of the 1.5.2 zip file screenshots below.

Is there perhaps a video demonstrating use of the conditional contact owner feature? The add-on directions I have seen that describe the feature don’t demonstrate it. I keep thinking there must be something about the order of using the features or something else I’m missing that I would catch if I saw the feature in use.


Somehow two days ago I was able to install an older version (1.5) of the Gravity Forms Hubspot add-on. I also obtained the 1.5.2 version zip file that same day. Weird, right?

I thought that “Auto-updates enabled” applied to the add-on as indicated in the Plugins list.

However, according to Gravity Forms support (Thank you, Chris E.):

"These interim updates are not pushed out for automatic update and require updating manually. If you’ve already downloaded the add-on zip file from the downloads page, please use the instructions here to install the updated version: [How to Manually Update - Gravity Forms Documentation]

When you follow the steps in the article your data (forms, entries, feeds, settings etc.) will remain. "

Indeed, the conditional statements were fixed in 1.5.2.

Thank you for posting your update here.