Trouble using Partial Entries Hook to trigger HubSpot data push

Hello folks,

I am trying to push data to HubSpot and update contact records whenever a partial entry is saved in GF.

I have set up partial entries for a demo form and also created a feed via the HubSpot add-on (the official one).

Then I added the PHP snippet from this page Example 4: gform_partialentries_post_EVENT - Gravity Forms Documentation

Is there anything I’m missing here? So far the HubSpot feed is not firing.

Thanks in advance


Hello Umut. I recommend opening a support ticket so we can review your system report with logging and the code and the form:

Hi Chris, I just managed to have it work (by simply deactivating all plugins and reactivating them :confused: )

Now I ran into another issue: I have set it up to push data to HubSpot with every update but now it keeps pushing empty updates o HubSpot for as long as the user keeps the tab open, even if the form page is not active in their browsers.

Is there a workaround or a piece of documentation I can use to make this only update in one of the below conditions?

  1. Field filled and lost focus
  2. Next page (pressed next button)
  3. Form page lost focus (user navigated away, closed etc.)

Thanks in advance


The partial entries add-on tracks all of that “all the time”, but as you note hooking into it directly can get chatty on integration events as a result. When you have both the add-on and Gravity Flow installed, you can customize the partial entries feed to potentially start a workflow and then determine in the start step settings which/when criteria should lead to the update. It sounds like in your case you could reduce the noise by:

  • Adding a step based on your HubSpot feed would be the only step needed in workflow.
  • Setting the start step to occur 1 hour after the partial feed is created (or updated)


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