Save Partial Entries Form Submission to Hubspot

Hi! I’m using Partial Entries and Hubspot Addon, and I’d love to know if anyone has found a way to save partial entries to Hubspot? I checked the Hubspot addon and I can find the function that saves the form to hubspot on submit, but I can’t figure out what’s firing it. There are no hooks or filters present.

Any solutions are welcome!

Hi Matt. Take a look at example 4 here:

The gform_partialentries_post_event (where event can be saved or updated) hook can be used to perform any action, and example 4 shows processing HubSpot feeds when a partial entry is saved. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

If you already have the Partial Entries and Hubspot Add-ons active, Gravity Flow provides an excellent no-code experience to have the partial entry trigger a workflow with hubspot feed as a step. Check out our documention on setting up a workflow starting from a partial entry and let us know via support if you have any questions.


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