How to take a Screen Shot and Deliver via Email Notification

Hello everyone, I have an interesting feature request for an existing project that is currently live at this location.

We’ve built a “project wizard” to qualify leads in greater detail and so far it’s working great. However, I have one issue I need help finding a solution for.

As a user progresses through the “project wizard” the user will experience a screen where they can use Google Maps API to draw a polygon and create a measurement for their project.

We need the ability to create, store, and attach a screenshot to the email notification associated with the user’s project submission.

Depending on what path you chose, the G-Map screen is approx. 4-7 ‘pages’ within the wizard’s process. Please check it out at:

I’m attaching a screenshot here as well

Any help is appreciated, thank you :smiley:

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This is not something you can do using Gravity Forms out of the box. I’m not aware of any third-party ready to use solution for it either. Looks like a request for the Job Board forum.

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Thank you Samuel, I appreciate it :blush:

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