Link to map in notification email [RESOLVED]

In the form entries, there is a “map it” link to show the address in google maps,
Is there a way to get this added to the notification emails?

In the GF form “Message” field, you’ll need to add the Google Maps URL with the address fields from the form. The format of the URL should be:{Field1}:{Field2}:{Field3}.

Replace Field1, Field2, and Field3 with the appropriate merge tags for your address fields. For example, if you have an “Address” field with the merge tag {Address:1}, the URL should look like this:{Address:1}

If you have separate fields for street, city, and country, you might use something like this:{Street:1},{City:2},{Country:3}

Add the “Map It” link text and hyperlink it to the Google Maps URL you created:

<a href="{Street:1},{City:2},{Country:3}">Map It</a>

Now, when you receive a notification email, it will include a “Map It” link that, when clicked, will open the submitted address in Google Maps.

Thank you. That works great! I First try I forgot to edit in code view and it but then I figured that out and it worked correctly.

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