How to make my phone ring when someone opts into a form on wordpress site

Hello. I’m new to this community and look forward to someone being able to help me with the following. I presently have a website that I pay to have hosted. One of the functions of the site is that when someone opts in to the form on the page the phone at my office rings to give me the option to connect to them. The site is I am creating my own site since I’m not completely happy with them anymore. My new site is at

I have someone helping me with its creation. I have Textline and Gravity Forms integrated so that the new lead is sent to the address book. What I don’t have is a way to get a notification through Textline (they don’t have any code for it) of the new lead. So it just gets lost. We do get an email notification but a text would be better, and a phone call would be best.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this? I have gravity forms, textline, and also Infusionsoft. I also have a free Zapier account. I would like the phone to ring and/or a text notification to either textline or the native texting app in someone’s mobile phone.

I would love to hear some ideas as I’m completely ignorant. Thank you so much. Rory

Our Twilio add-on can send a text after a form is submitted:

Would that work for you? I don’t know of any integration with getting a phone call after a form is submitted. And thinking that through, what would happen with the phone call? Who calls? Is there a conversation? If it’s just an automated notification, I’d recommend using Twilio.

More simply, if there is an email address that can be used for the mobile device (most providers have an email address based on the phone number, like for AT&T) you can use the built in email notifications in Gravity Forms to send a quick note to the phone that way.

Here is a reference for how to set up those email to sms (text) addresses:

Thank you Chrishajer. I’m not sure how my site ( does it. Maybe they use a dialer (something someone else suggested). I was told that wouldn’t be economic with just my one site. Basically, when someone enters their info in the form, my phone rings with an option to connect to said person. I can choose to connect or not. If I choose to connect I assume the phone begins to ring on the other end (they did enter their number). We often times don’t actually connect, but it’s great having the phone ring in the academy as we might not always have our cell phones on us. Thank you again. I will look into the Twilio add on as I have the Pro License.

I’m not aware of any integration like that. Not for Gravity Forms anyway. There are services all over that can do all sorts of things - the issue is just tying that together with a Gravity Forms form submission. If you have Zapier, that might be the way to do it as well. Good Luck!

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Thank you Chris.