How to keep modal open upon gravity form submission

Hello, I have a gravity form on this page Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Classes in Colorado Springs - NTSOC that’s displayed via modal (#paymodal) upon selecting the PAY NOW button near the bottom of page.

The issue is that upon form submission, the page refreshes and closes the modal so users don’t know if form was completed sucessfully. I’d like to keep the modal open upon sumbission so that users know if there were any errors on form or if it’s submitted.

Have you tried enabling Ajax on the method used to embed the form in that page?

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Thank you for the reply, Richard. I have not. How should I go about doing that?

If the form is embedded using the Gravity Forms block, Ajax can be enabled in the block’s advanced settings.

For forms embedded using the shortcode you can add the ajax=true attribute to the shortcode.

If another method was used to embed the form, you’ll need to contact the developer of the theme or plugin that is making that embed method available to find out how to enable it.

Thanks, man. I tried that and I think I’m close now. So the modal stays open now which is great, however, the form doesn’t submit and I just get a spinning wheel

If the form will not work with AJAX, that means you have a JavaScript conflict of some sort on the site. You can use these steps to check for conflicts:

Before checking for conflicts, try embedding the form with AJAX in a page (not the modal) and see if it submits there. If it does, the issue with AJAX is related to the modal, not to any other conflict on the site.

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