Save and continue and using Gravity Forms in modal windows [RESOLVED]

Hi everyone!

The website that I am currently working on uses gravity forms in bootstrap modals.
There are pages that contain multiple forms, thus multiple modals. The user has to click on a button to trigger the modal to open.

When I click the continue link, how can I “tell” the browser which form I want to continue working on? Is there any way to open the modal that contains the targeted form automatically (with PHP or JS)?

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?
Any help is much appreciated.

I’m sorry I couldn’t have responded earlier, but hopefully this may help someone. For gravity forms in a modal, GF consistently recommends a premium plugin, and I presume there are fiscal reasons behind that. They will also suggest that anything other than the plugin they recommend is “custom code.”

I’m not bound by such constraints, and can tell you with certainty that it’s easier than they want you to believe. First, you create a div, set it to display:none, pop the multipage shortcode inside the div, give the div an id, then create an anchor link on your page with an href of #yourDiv. With this CSS, #yourDiv:target {display: block;} you will have a pure css modal window that handles GF multipage forms.

Thanks for your post @user6034258cbd761327 - there are lots of ways to create modal popups where Gravity Forms will work. It sounds like you have found a way for yourself. I am going to close this topic and your other topic, because these are old topics. If you would like to open a new topic about an easier way to put a Gravity Forms form in a modal, or any other solutions you’d like the share, please open a new ticket. My email address is if you’d like to email me directly. Thank you.