How to Dynamically Populate Name Field (first and last) [RESOLVED]


  1. I have two name fields (applicant 01 and applicant 02), both only showing first and last names. Both fields are mandatory.

  2. I have a “Select Primary” radio field with two options; the first and last names of applicant 01 or applicant 02. These are dynamically populated using Live Merge Tags from GravityPerks “Populate Anything” add-on.

  3. I have a third “Primary Contact” name field, which should populate the name (first and last) of the SELECTED applicant from the “Select Primary” radio field.

I have been unsuccessful so far. Is it even possible that one field’s (i.e. name) VALUE can be populated conditionally from ONE of a list of existing fields?

Got a great response from GravityWiz. Problem Solved. I see no way to delete the original question. If so, please advise.

Thanks for the update Preston. We can leave this here. Did you want to add the solution?

I absolutely will, but I need a day or so …i’m in the weeds up to my neck :upside_down_face:.

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Exactly! LOL

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OK, so all credit for this solution goes to Dario Nemchin at GravityWiz!

He actually took the time to create a video. Check it out!

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@dario is a BEAST! Thanks for sharing that.