Dynamically Populating Hidden Fields

I have a field that is conditionally shown/hidden. This field has a default value of {user:ID}.
I also use Populate Anything to dynamically populate the field choices, with either the current user OR users matching the filter.

If the field is conditionally shown, it works as expected.
However, if conditionally hidden, the field will not be populated with the default value {user:ID}.

To test this further, I created a second field that’s value is dynamically populated based on the value of the first field. You can see that, for a split second, it appears that the hidden field is populated, as field 2 shows the corresponding value. But it’s then cleared out.

My assumption is that Populate Anything is clearing the default value somehow? But why doesn’t that only seem to affect it when hidden? Is there a way to make sure the default value persists even if hidden?


Have you checked with Gravity Wiz support already with that question?