Dynamic Population of a Conditional Field

Hey All, looking for some developer type help. I have form where the person enters their name. A few pages later I’m asking for the name again. If the person submitting the form “is” the applicant, they don’t need to fill it in again. So I conditionally hide the field. I still need this field populated as I have an webhook setup that feeds my CRM.

I’ve tried the following hooks and can get the field populated by the hook if it conditionally shows on the front end. However, if it’s hidden conditionally on the front end, it doesn’t get populated by the hook. Not sure what else to try.

  • gform-pre_submission (works but not on conditionally hidden)
    -gform_field_value_your_parameter (seems to only run when form is posted, so I can’t get the value of a field not yet entered)

I understand there is a plugin from Gravity Wiz that has this feature, but seems like something I should be able to do by code.

Ideally, I’d like to hide field conditionally, (so it’s not a true hidden field) and then populate it if it is hidden by an earlier entry.

Is this possible? Any ideas? (Oh, and I’d like to do it via PHP, not really confident with JS)

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