How to display text based off of Yes/No radio button selections?

Hello wonderful Gravity Forms users! Hope you can help me find a solution. We want to ask 5-6 questions, with Yes/No radio buttons. We would like to display text based off of the amount of Yes vs No selected: IE “Based on your choices (number of YESs) we think you need product A” or “Based on your choices (number of NOs) we think you need product B”. What would be the best way, if any to do this using Gravity Forms? Can you assign a value to each YES and each NO, and then somehow add them up and then somehow display the text after submission? In a confirmation?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help/direction!

You can add multiple HTML fields to your form to put the text you want to display and configure conditional logic for each HTML field to determine when to show each one.

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