How to display recurring payment notifications on the front-end

Can someone help me figure out how to access the “notes” in the form entry and/or tell me how to display this data on the front end? Specifically, we’re looking to be able to access the notes that show recurring payments.

We have a donation form that allows users to donate to the specific fundraising campaign of their choosing. Each fundraising campaign has their own front-end page that shows how much that campaign has raised (we used the GFAPI::get_entries method). It’s been easy enough for us to show the amount raised for each campaign for one-time donations because we just pull the amount from the form entry, however, recurring donations present a problem. We can get the amount from the form, but then future payments aren’t calculated in the amount raised.

We’re using the Paypal Add-on and the add on on this form. Recurring payments are posted back and we can see them show up in the “Notes” section of the back-end form entries. However, when I print all the entry data with GFAPI::get_entries the entry notes are not part of what is returned.

Any helps figuring this out would be appreciated!

If you only want to see the get_entry data then sure. But if payments are ever changed, declined, or cancelled you wouldn’t be able to see that from the get_entry data.

To really know what is going on you need to setup an API to and from, which is a bigger deal. You may want to get a Paid Plugin to do it for you like these guys:

I tried Gravity+ once, but it didn’t work out, and they specialize in Stripe.

That’s a bummer. Thanks for the info.

It seems odd that it can be displayed within the entry on the backend but there’s no function to pull it and display it on the front-end without getting into the API for the payment gateways. Does Gravity Forms not save that info anywhere?

It is just running an API, and populating an interface, so it’s definitely not impossible. I just don’t know of any pre-made plugins that you don’t have to pay for.

Oh, and GF has an API for, which you give it, but it isn’t setup the way you want, at least not yet. I’m sure somewhere they have someone who is thinking about it <.<