How to disable showing "spot left"

May I know how to disable showing the “spot left” in front end? I don’t need to show the available quota of choice to user. Thanks.

That sounds like a feature from a third-party add-on. Have you checked with the add-on developer?

It may be added by this code which may be running in your functions.php or a custom code snippet plugin. If so, the code would need to be removed to prevent this text showing.

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Thanks for advice. Does it mean remove the following one?

$message = sprintf( _n( '(%s spot left)', '(%s spots left)', $how_many_left, 'gp-limit-choices' ), number_format_i18n( $how_many_left ) );

The full snippet is used to (1) keep depleted choices in place and (2) to display the spots left message. If you need neither of those, then you can remove the full snippet.

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Hi @martinkan1014 , we’ve already followed up on our support, but for reference, when using Gravity Forms Inventory | Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz you won’t need the snippet at all. You should be able to set to show the items lefts in the form UI.