Gray out or disable specific checkbox

I have a checkbox field with a list of dates for classes that people would like to RSVP for. They check the box for each date that they are interested in. As each date passes, I’d like to keep them in the checkbox list, but disable the user from selecting them. Is there a way to gray out or disable individual checkboxes and keep others active?

The checkboxes aren’t strictly dates… they’re text with the date, workshop title and presenter name. (checkbox label = “22/03/24 : Laying the foundations for healthy self-esteem and assertiveness!”).

Hi Christos. Check out this add-on from Gravity Wiz:

Thanks Chris but this is different, i do not want to have limit, i want to disable the options with past date.

I see. That plugin will not help with that. I don’t see a way other than custom code that runs before the form is shown, checks the current date and the date of that option, and then applies JavaScript and/or CSS to make the option unselectable. I don’t know of a plugin that will do that.

Thanks, I wrote here, if anybody from the community know how to do that :slight_smile:

Not an exact solution, but we wrote a snippet that does this for time-sensitive choices. You could use that as a starting point to write one that works with date strings.

If you’re a Gravity Perks customer, we could look into making these modifications for you. Drop us a line.

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