Disable checkbox once chosen in previous entries?

Is there a way to only allow a checkbox to be checked once?

So basically, we have a sponsorship form with a checkbox field with 10 sponsorship options. Once a sponsor selects an option and completes the form, we want that option to not be available to anyone else.
So essentially make that one checkbox disabled on all future forms, and keep making those options more and more disabled as they’re chosen.

Has anyone ever tried this and if so, how did you make it work?

Intriguing use case, I too am interested if such a requirement has an off-the-shelf solution.

If I was tasked this, I would have to write some PHP support to use the pre-render hook to populate the checkbox field based on data saved in the WP database. So you would have an action to update the database upon all submissions as well, plus the case of all options being “used up.”


GravityWiz has a perk available for this: