How to create an archive page that lists all forms (events)

I have 10+ forms working as user registration for different upcoming events. I’m looking for a solution to display all these events (forms) in an archive page on my website;

Optimally, the archive page for events will just consist of a list of links (form title) that forwards the user to desired event (form) on a new page where registration can be done.

I’m not good at programming unfortunately, but is it possible to do this in a fairly simple way?

With the RGFormsModel::get_forms() I’ve managed to echo out a list of all the forms by their title, but obviously there is no further action as this is just plain text. I guess it requires a lot more job to be done?

The form can’t be submitted from a link to the form. The form needs to be embedded in a page and submitted from there. So you really need to output a list of your Events (pages) each one having a form on it.