List of Active forms

I’d like to make a public page in my site that has a list of all active gravity forms… any ideas how that is possible?


The easiest way would be with some PHP and the Gravity Forms API function get_forms():

Thanks… I was hoping there might have been non-API solution! I know a little PHP, but this is my first foray into Wordpress (coming from Drupal).

I guess I have some more reading ahead of me to make a simple plugin.


I don’t think it will be too bad. Expand on this:

if ( !function_exists('get_all_forms_shortcode') ) {
    function get_all_forms_shortcode( $atts ) {
        $output = '<div class="formslist">';
        // by default, only active and not in trash
        $forms = GFAPI::get_forms();
        foreach ( $forms as $form) {
            $output .= $form['title'] . '<br />';
        return $output . '</div>';
// Usage: [list_all_forms] - there are no parameters
add_shortcode( 'list_all_forms', 'get_all_forms_shortcode' );

I used the shortcode [list_all_forms] here:

Let us know where you get stuck.