Archive Form Status or Form Categories

I have quite a few installs that have dozens/hundreds of forms in them. Many of them I’d like to keep the entries for, either so users can see their previous entries or because the data pre-populates other forms. These forms however, aren’t really in use and they just fill up the All forms screens.

It would be great to be able to move this to a new status - such as an Archive. The Trash option seems a bit too drastic, as they contain useful information. However, they are really just getting in the way.

This would then clear up All to show the main live forms and those you are working on but haven’t put live yet.

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That’s a good idea and it has been brought up in the past. I recommend adding this to our product roadmap. You can submit your idea here by clicking the blue button in the lower left. Thank you.

I just released this plugin – Organized Forms. Could prove useful for your needs. At the moment, it does not allow forms to be excluded from the default main list (archiving in a sense), but I see that as something that could also be useful.

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