How to combine totals from nested forms onto main form? [RESOLVED]

Student Registration Form
Using nested forms (to add student classes, prices) into the main form. Each nested form has different classes with different prices and total. So there may be 2-3 students on one family reg form.
How can I capture the totals from each of the nested pages and combine them on the final page of the main form above the Submit button?

Hi Lu. Have you contacted Gravity Wiz support? They would best be able to help you with the totals on the Nested Forms. Thank you.

I got this resolved. Now I need to know how to total columns. Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi Lu,

I’ve sent a reply to your ticket with us with a video on how to do this. For others, this should be possible with the sum modifier of the Nested Form Calculations.


The video was very helpful and I was able to resolve the issue. Thanks much!