Grid or table layout


I’m trying to create a table which would contain fields in each cell.
Each line in the below example has a cost so it’s actually a product that will be added to the total.

Is this do-able with Gravity forms? Do I need an add-on? Please help.

Additional guests (max 2)

Full name Meal choice Cost
{input text field} {Drop down menu} 90$
{input text field} {Drop down menu} 90$

Hi Danielle,
The way I would personally do this would be using GF Nested Forms, it allows you to specify a child form (in your case the child form would have the fields: Full Name + Meal Choice, the price would be calculated in the sub-form)
In your parent form you would just add up the total using a product field set to calculation.


Wow, that was fast! Thank you