List field calculation automatically with user input

I want to create a form for user to input multiple items at their wish, the fields will be calculated real-time based on their input.

Then those information will be sent as PDF in a designed format (I think I can figure out this with Gravity PDF).

My requirement:

  • Allow form user to input multiple items at their wishes (with list field)
  • Format list field columns with number only, calculations (I’m stuck at this)

Can you link me to a documentation where I can create a form like this:
Case Study: Invoice / Billing Management System with Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF - YouTube (at 2:32)

Thank you very much,

The List field doesn’t support calculations, also supported input types for List columns are drop down and text only.

Maybe the following add-on created by one of our certified developers could be an alternative: Gravity Forms Nested Forms | Gravity Forms Repeater Add-on | Gravity Wiz

The video I posted above managed to do it somehow as a case study.

Do you have any idea how they did it? It’s an extremely crucial function to design receipts system for companies.

Thank you very much

I recommend contacting Gravity PDF for assistance with that. They posted the video, and it’s possible they used some custom code for that. You can reach them here:

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