Combine 2 forms into 1 once page load by code

Hi There

I’m building a multiple events ticket website and the client want to define 2 forms

  1. General information which all users should update
  2. Unique questions per event

Now, in the front end I want to display it as one form and it should be done on the fly once the page load (otherwise, If admin change one of the basic general question, it will not be updated in exist events)

I understand that I can do it manually per this topic (Combine 3 forms into 1) - to export, combine and import it as a new form (id) but its not what im looking for

I want to define one form per event and then once the event load with the form -
To add all the questions from the Basic general form before the Unique event fields - Display it as one form and save all the entity in one place

Is that possible ? what would be the right way to do it ?


I believe this plugin would be the way to go:

Thanks for your answer.

I thought about this solution but it seems to display the nested form within a modal which works great if I want to add players but I want to display all questions as one form - furthermore I want the General questions form to display first (Who are you questions) followed by the Specific Event Form - Do you think there is way to achieve it with this add-on ?

If not - Is there any other way to achieve it ?