Combine 3 forms into 1

Is there a way for me to merge 3 forms into one? I have 3 separate forms that we use for customers, but want to have 1 form created from those 3 to allow our internal team enter data from paper based forms we receive. I don’t need to merge entries, just the forms themselves. Thanks!

Export your three forms as .json files, then open all of them up in a text editor. Grab the fields from Form 2 and Form 3 and insert them into the .json code from Form 1.

You’ll need to make sure that the Field ID for each is unique. So, for example, if you had 5 fields on Form A, start the fields from Form B with “6”. Do the same for the fields from Form C.

Next, make sure to update the Form ID in your text editor (so that when you import it back into WordPress, it doesn’t conflict with something that’s already in there).

Once done, “Save As…” and give the new file a unique name. Then, go back to Gravity Forms in WordPress and hit the “Import Forms” tab. Upload your new file name and the form should added to the UI. Then you can go into the standard editor in Gravity Forms and add new fields/make changes as necessary.

Good luck!

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Since you said you don’t want to merge the entries, just the forms, you might consider a solution like Nested Forms where the user could enter each “child” form as part of a parent form submission. When the parent form is submitted, it will keep a reference of each separate child entry that was submitted.

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