How to add conditional logic to the content of Post Creation?

Hi !

I’m using the add-on : Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On

And in the “content” part of the WordPress article that will be published, I wonder how to insert conditional logic.

Concrete example :

If the user of the form has filled the field number 14 = display the value of field number 14 preceded by the text “Color:”

If the user did not fill in field number 14 = display nothing.

Something like this:

[if 14]Color: [14]
[/if 14]

For Gravity form it looks more like this: { ::14}

Thanks in advance!!!

Hello again. For this, if you do not have a lot of fields like this, I would use multiple fields, each with slightly different content. And then, use conditional logic to use one feed when a field has a value and another feed when that field does not. This will be unmanageable if you have a lot of such conditional content. Let us know if that approach will work for you or not. Thank you.

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