How do I apply webhook condition on select option value instead select option text? [RESOLVED]

Hello, I am triggering a webhook on the value selected from a dropdown. However, since this data is going into a CRM I need to pass specific values that will not make sense to the person completing the form. For example in my select I have an option that might say “Outpatient Medical Rehab” but I need to send “Acute Rehab” over to my CRM. From what I can tell, the webhook conditional only allows you to choose from the option text but validates off of the option value (in my case these are different). Does anyone know of a way around this?

<option value="Acute Rehab">Outpatient Medical Rehab</option>

The Webhooks add-on will always use the value of the selected drop down choice.

The thing is that by default, the label is used for the value of your drop down field, this at field level. If you enable the “show values” setting in your field, it will allow you to set labels and values in different columns.

So you would be able to show the user the label, while using a different value that would be saved in the entry and used by add-ons.

Hi Samuel, thanks for the prompt response. What you describe is exactly how I expected this to work. However, it seems that this is not the case. As you can see in this screenshot. I have enabled “Show Values” and have a different option text and value.
Also, in the webhook condition, I can only select the option text (the option value does not show). And you can see that the webhook fails to trigger(This is because it is looking for a match on the option text and not the option value).

Seeing the choice label is the expected, but what is used during the feed processing is the choice value, the same applies to conditional logic.

Note that if you changed the values for the choices after the initial configuration of conditional logic, you need to reconfigure conditional logic to use the new choice values. In your screenshot I see two “In Patient or …” choices, the one at the bottom in blue is the old choice used for the logic configuration, you need to select the newer choice, the one above. Repeat this with other logic rules. Then save your feed settings.

Thanks Samuel.