Can't get Stripe Feed to follow conditional logic based on DropDown field if choice label ≠ choice value

Hey all, has anyone experienced this issue with the Stripe plugin when you’re trying to get a feed to trigger based on a dropdown field value?

I find that you can’t make the dropdown field involved in the conditional logic have a separate value (ie. different than the field label, which you can do to a dropdown if you check the “show values” field), and then still trigger a Stripe feed conditionally based on the dropdown field’s value.

I sort of assumed that even though the conditional logic choice (when configuring a Stripe feed based on the dropdown) is just showing you the dropdown field labels instead of the values, even if they are different from the labels, just to make the interface easier to work with. But it actually means that if you have a separate value for those choices the Stripe field won’t get triggered.

Seems like a bit of an oversight and I can’t find documentation for this. There are tons of reasons why I’d want to have a separate value in the dropdown field - particularly for notifications.

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