How do i add order summary parallel to the form

I would lie to have my order summary displayed as per the attachment.
Kindly assist.

Hi Jonah. Gravity Forms does not have any option like that. I will leave this open in case anyone has a suggestion for how to accomplish that.

Alright Chris i look forward to get a solution for it.


You could simply use CSS to position the fields on the right of the screen.

You would want to add the fields to the very bottom of your form. Then find the ID/Selector of the two fields you want to stick to the right of the screen. Ie. coupon code and amount.

Then make them sticky. This article will get you started.

If you get started and need help, update this post with a link to your site. I’ll see what I can do.

I’m a bit late to the party but maybe it can still be useful for someone. There now is a free third party addon that adds this feature to gravity forms. Download it from here: Gravity Forms Live Summary – WordPress plugin |

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This looks great. Thank you for sharing Johan!

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