Form location and form background

Dear all,

I have some question about form alignment that is shown on my site.

I put my form on my website and found that the title and subtitle was in center position but the form was on the left. (Picture no. 1)

This is what the form code was placed on my Wordpress theme builder (Picture no.2)

And this is what I really want my form look like (Picture no.3)

1.) What html code should I insert to make the form to be located on the center?
2.) Can I move the button to be beside the email space?
3.) What html/css should I insert to put the background photo?

really thank for you help in advance.


Hello @Patourlogy - can you share a URL on your site where we can see that form in a page? Thank you.

Hello @chrishajer you can check website at


Hello Chris, Do you have any idea regarding to my problem.


Hello. Take a look at this tutorial to create horizontal inline forms:

Once you get the form on one line horizontal, you can apply a background image. We can help you with the CSS for that if you need it after getting the form fields inline the way you want.

Dear Chris,

I fixed all of them to be in same horizontal line, but the problem is that the consent checkbox was also relocated to same line which is wrong.

How can we fix that and what is css code for inserting background image.

Thanks for your help a lot.

Hello , Do you have any idea regarding to my problem.


Hello. I looked at your form now and I don’t see the consent checkbox field. Screenshot:

Can you put a form online with the checkbox field so I can see what CSS might be required? Thank you.

Dear Chris,

Please check it again, the checkbox has been shown now.


Hello, any update please?