Submit Button inline but vertical form

Hi. I am trying to make a vertical form, but the submit button is aligned to the email field.

Captura de pantalla 2020-05-27 a las 18.08.12

Could you help me?
Any post to make that?
Thank you

You should be able to accomplish that with some CSS. Can you share the URL to the page on your site where we can see that form and take a look at what CSS will be necessary?

Hi Chris!
Thanks for your answer. :blush:

the form is in the footer…

Hello Juan. How do you want that to look instead of what you have now?

Hi Chris, thanks for your help.

I’d like it to look the same as it is right now. The current form (Pict) is not Gravity. It is made with beaver builder. And I’m changing the entire Site with the Gravity forms.

I already have all the forms (Contact, etc) done, but I’m missing the footer one. Thank you very much for your interest and help.

Can you place a Gravity Forms form in the footer, so we can look at the styles required to get it looking like your picture?