How change Textbox value with Radio Buttons


I have two textboxes in my form. (W and H)
values are numbers and 75cm<W<750cm and 75cm<H<180cm
can you please help and guide me
how I can change the textbox value with Radio Buttons and convert them to mm?!
and as you know The allowable range of numbers must also be changed.

thank you

In this scenario, I recommend putting the radio buttons first, to offer the choice of cm or mm. Then you would have four fields, W in mm and W in cm, plus H in mm and H in cm. You would show the correct pair of fields based on the radio button selection that was made. Only one W and one H field would ever be shown. Would that work for you?

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Yes, The first case was done with your guidance
But I still have trouble calculating

if {Unite_C:10}=cm
Price= ( {W_CM:3}*{H_CM:4})300
if {Unite_C:10}=mm
price= ( {W_MM:3}

I think “IF” can not be used in the “Formula” section?
Is there a better way to do such a calculation?

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