Convert mm to cm with jQuery

Why doesn’t the below work, and how should I do this?
Do you have a better and shorter way to write this code?
“.Select_unit” is the class name of Radiobutton.

$(function() {

var W_val;
var H_val;

      //set width textbox Value to W_val
    $('#input_2_1').keyup(function() {
      W_val = $("#input_2_1").val();

      //set Height textbox Value to H_val
    $('#input_2_2').keyup(function() {
      H_val = $("#input_2_2").val();

     //Change Unit mm to cm
$('.Select_Unit input[type="radio"]').on('change',function(){
    var radioValue = $('input[name="#input_2_3"]:checked').val();

    if (radioValue=="cm")



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