How can I change the file uploader to a "drag-and-drop" type

Hello, how can I change the default “choose a file” type of file upload, to a “drag-and-drop” type?
Thank you

Go to the File Upload Field on your form and select “Enable Multi-File Upload”.

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What Liam says is correct. However, if you have already accepted uploads with this field when it was a single file upload, you won’t be able to change the type. Don’t delete the field though, because you will lose the data in your entries that was associated with that field.

Instead, make this field administrative visibility, and be sure it’s “not required”. That way, you can retain all the data in the entries. No one will ever be able to submit a file upload with that field again, because you are not showing it to them in the form.

Now, add a file upload field, configured for multi-file upload, and place that near where the original file upload field was in the form. All new submissions will use this new multi-file upload field. You’ll have two columns in the entry (one from before the change, and a new one for after the change) but you’ll have the functionality you want, and not lose any data.

Let us know if you have any questions about that.

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Thank you!

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