File Uploads - Remove chosen file


Please see the screenshot.

How can I provide the delete.png (red X icon) on example 2 when the file is selected.
My users don’t seem to know they can replace the chosen file by simply choosing a new one.

So I’m wondering how I can best emulate the experience on example 3.

The Multiple Files upload feature allows for it, I expect because multiple files are being curated and may need to be reconsidered for the upload, so the option to remove/replace one at a time is understandable. When “Single” and “Multiple” uploads are used on the form, my users are showing a pattern of confusion.

Hi Jacob. The single file upload field is a browser control, and we don’t have much control over that. I recommend adding more multi-file upload fields, limited to one file each, if you are already using a multi-file upload fields for multiple files at one time. The user experience will be the same for all your file upload fields at that point. If you need anything else, please let us know.