Remove the "Drop files here" area and change the "Select files" text

Hi there,

I’m very new to Gravity forms. I’ve seen some people edit the Upload Files form using the gform_file_upload_marker filter.

I would like to remove the entire drag and drop bit, and then change the “select files” text to “Upload Your Selfie”. I have some basic programming skills but I can’t work out how to customise this filter to do this, and how to implement it. Would I put this in functions.php?

Many thanks for your help

Hi Jimeny,

  1. To disable the drag-and-drop functionality, use the following JavaScript code. Make sure to add the “disableDragDrop” CSS class to the File Upload field in Form Field Settings → Appearance → Custom CSS Class.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    $('.disableDragDrop').on('dragover', function(event) {

    $('.disableDragDrop').on('drop', function(event) {

Final preview: :point_down:t4:

Code output preview

  1. To change the text “Choose File”, follow the previous solution provided by @chrishajer here:

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