Hide checkbox choice labels?


Thank you, whomever is taking the time to review these.

I am hoping for some direction on hiding the labels for checkbox choices; I’ve had no problems hiding labels, and sub labels, but for checkbox choices, they still show up as blank whitespace, but it is affecting the size of the page, depending on how many checkboxes are on a page.

I have a form available here: http://lswtechnologies.com/practice_form/

Its a very obvious issue on page 3 which has many checkboxes.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Can you post a screenshot of page 3 and highlight the issue you’re referring to?

Certainly! Thanks for taking a look. I realize this is a rather unconventional way of styling, but the checkboxes (and all inputs actually) are using absolute positioning, which works great – however, below my div section that encompasses the webform is the “li.gchoice” labels:

Hi Chris,

Did you get a chance to take a look at this? I realized I had selected the wrong breakout in that last picture… what I’m really trying to hide is… (see next response for other images … sorry for 1 image per post limitation)

For every checkbox I have these labels for each choice that are creating a small but exponentially more noticeable spacing issue depending on how many checkbox fields I have.

I’m having a hard time drilling down to that field for adding CSS options to hide it.

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!

How it turns out on the page:

Full container codeblock: checkbox_container

I am now completely lost on what you are trying to do. Can you post from here down the issue you are trying to resolve?

If you need to put more than one image in the reply, you can use an image sharing service and just post the links here. Thank you.

Sorry to be more confusing, I suppose this is mostly asking about how to target the labels of checkbox choices’ via CSS so I can change the styling (ideally remove them or hide them)

Hiding field labels and sublabels, and even the checkbox labels themselves, seems to be no issue, but the labels for the choices within the checkboxes I cannot get hidden.

The screenshot highlights the label id’s for the checkbox choices, and has an arrow to whitespace that it creates within my form container. As some pages have nearly 50 checkbox options, it creates varying degrees of whitespace that can add up quickly.

The result is pushing the submit button down, and also does not allowing static positioning as there are different amounts of checkboxes each page.

I hope this is more clear, and again, thank you for your time!