Custom CSS form

how can i remove space between field please ?

Thank for your help

Anyone ? Help me please ?

You will need to add some css to remove or reduce the margins above and/or below fields. Have a look at the following page where it is explained how to target different elements of the form through css: CSS Targeting Examples - Gravity Forms Documentation

Hope that helps!

I use Styles & Layouts, don’t working with margin bottom = 0 in field… I don’t understand.
You know ?

Hello. Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see that form? Thank you.

of course : Avis clients – AQUIT1FORMATIK

Hello. It looks like you are using blank labels in that form, rather than using the visibility setting for the label? If that is the case, the space where the label would be will still be reserved for the element. Try setting the label visibility setting to “Hidden” on the Appearance tab for your fields:

Screenshot: firefox 6O20gaAEXa.png • Droplr

Additionally, for usability, you should still have label text for screenreaders. Using the hidden visibility will hide that on screen. Try that first, and let us know if there is still space to be removed. Thank you.