Decrease the vertical space between fields in a form

Any idea how I can do this. Thanks

If you want to customize the form styling, you need to add your own custom CSS rules to your theme’s style.css file (or any other place your theme provides for this purpose), or in the WP core Customizer in Additional CSS.

You can find many CSS targeting examples in the following link from our documentation site:

Find the elements you want to target on those pages, and replace the CSS in the example with the CSS you want to apply.

Also you may find other useful classes/id’s using the browser inspector over the form elements.

There are also some third-party add-ons to apply styles to Gravity Forms that could help you to apply new styling to your form if you don’t want to mess with CSS rules:

Bear in mind that the forms that you embed using Gravity Forms are just part of your page content, this means that your theme can also override default styles for the form, and themes do very often, so you may need to ask for help to your theme developer if you’re not able to tweak some styles. Also for the same reason, any third-party plugin intended to visually customize your page content should allow you to style the forms too, and therefore you’re not limited to plugins specifically made for Gravity Forms:

( This one has specific support for Gravity Forms ​​​Style and customize the Gravity Forms wp Plugin ).

Hi Sam,

Thanks for that

It was a simple question though, how can I reduce the space between fields? Any chance you could just tell me how?



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