Reduce space between fields [RESOLVED]


I’ve used Gravity forms in the past, but for some reason I’m struggling to reduce the space between the fields on my form. The site is currently local, so I can’t provide a link. But going through web inspector I can’t see any margins that would be causing the space;

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Hi Wayne,

Good afternoon. I hope you’re doing great.

To reduce the gap between two fields, you can try the following code, which will be applied to all Gravity Forms forms you have on the website.

.gform-theme--foundation .gform_fields {
  grid-row-gap: 20px !important;

But if you prefer to apply using a specific form, you’ll have to copy the form ID and replace it with “1” in the following code. This way, it will apply to the specific form.

.gform-theme--foundation #gform_fields_1 {
  grid-row-gap: 20px !important;

Here is the preview after applying the provided code: :point_down:

Here is the screen recording of how I’ve debugged the form:

Give it a try, and let me know how that goes! :smile:

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Hi Faisal

Thank you!

This is what I’m after. I’ve used your global code so all the forms are changed and its working great.


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