Radio Button Choice Label aligning below Inputs [RESOLVED]

Radio button choice lables are aligning below the input on a seperate line. I have tried several different CSS fixes found in the community, but none have worked.
Here is the page in question Fire Station Survey | Explore Information Services

I need to choice labels to appear inline with the input radio button
*having the same issue with checkboxes.

Can someone help by providing a proper CSS fix if there is one available?

Kindly attach the form and provide me with the specific page URL so that I can assist you in resolving the issue.

here is the URL Fire Station Survey | Explore Information Services

Sorry, I didn’t find any GF forms there. @user600b3c5903905078

Hi Shannon. I see the form there, and the radio button inputs and labels look correct to me: Screenshot on 2023-06-14 at 10-00-51.png - Droplr

Did you fix the issue, or is there a specific browser or device you’re having trouble with?

We corrected the issue. Thanks for the response

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